Do You Need Good Bones to Age Well?

So Do You Need Good Bones to Age Well?

After hitting my local running track, I couldn't help but notice the fluorescent group of silver shoes riding around. Not only did they look like the happiest bunch I had seen in the last 20 minutes but they were all over 50!

Here I was looping the 4km track, only to be lapped by this lovely group of people. This got me thinking about the importance of staying active not only while I am in my 20's and 30's but all the way up until my 80's. Fitness is definitely an on-going journey.

By the time we enter our 40's our bone mass has already started to decrease, with an inactive lifestyle being a leading cause. With most people reaching their peek bone mass between 25-30 years of age,  it is important more than ever to continue to hit the gym, cycle and swim, so you can continue to create adventures in the great outdoors for many years to come! So the short answer - Yes you need good bones!

Ally Leneham

Founder of Fitseeker