The New Protein Kid On The Block

The supplement industry in Australia has been cruising along at a steady pace with minor introductions of different products over the years however change is coming! Ezy Whey Protein has finally hit Australian shores and is offering up a real change in how we can consume our daily intake of protein.

Founder of Ezy Whey, Frances Peterson, explains that their base whey is flavourless and has no texture at all, allowing it to be mixed with anything and not alter the taste of your chosen food or liquid. This is a major movement for the industry, with athletes and consumers now able to incorporate protein into a variety of foods or juices seamlessly without having to worry about matching a flavor!

For all of us Fitseekers and gym junkies this comes as welcome news, as we no longer have to be locked into a 1kg bag of protein until we get through it. Simply mix it in as a base to absolutely anything ( I have been sneaking it into my partners green juices) or add one of the flavour sachets when you feel like spicing things up!

Frances also added that a regular intake of Ezy Whey Phase 2 carb blockers could help an  individual to loose weight by lowering the caloric impact on ingested foods.

Frances' forward-thinking views on the health and fitness industry have helped to form her desire for creating the product.  It was than that they set out to create a product that would be all inclusive and adaptable, from the hardened gym goer to someone looking to take their first steps towards a better lifestyle.

Ezy Whey has defiantly taken the industry by storm and consumers are loving protein's endless possibilities. So to get your hands on 1kg of tub of Base Whey and start sneaking it in to your juices, jump on to EzyWhey!

Left- Frances Peterson at the 2018 Melbourne Fitness Show

Ally Leneham

Founder of Fitseeker