Run For Wine!

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to endure all forms of exercise. We all have that one friend that never breaks a sweat in the gym, while even just a minute into a pump class could send us sweating like a cowboy and barely breathing. Well, I have the news you have all been waiting for, the event made for even the unfittest of us! The Wine Run.

You heard it hear first, a run where you literally run for wine. Completely untimed to allow you to keep your strength for the main event, the wine!

Running through the fields of the Albert River Winery you get to embrace the beautiful scenery of the Scenic Rim. After waddling my way to the end and running through the finishing line, I was presented with my victors cup! A beautiful wine glass to carry on as you make your voyage through the wine tasting stations.

The Grapest 5km at the Albert River Winery 

If I have not sold it enough already (remember wine), after relaxing with your wine you can pull your camping chairs up or throw down a picnic rug to enjoy the live band. This is a great event to get the girls together and really enjoy the balance of a healthy lifestyle. Ok a little more pleasure but I did run the 5km!

To find more information about this wonderful event, head on over to The Grapest 5km!

Ally Leneham

Founder of Fitseeker