Are Smoothie Bowls Really Healthy?

Let’s start by getting it right out of the way, it is pronounced ah-sigh-ee. Now in all their glorious colours, granolas and fruits, are acai bowls really the next superfood? I asked myself this question today after finishing of one of the most perfectly decorated bowls (before I devoured it). Can something that tastes this good really be good for you?

Let's start off by getting the skinny on what is actually in them. The average smoothie or acai bowl will set you back 380 calories, not to bad you may be thinking. I felt quietly confident at this point until I discovered that the average bowl is packed with 60 grams of sugar and depending on what toppings it is dressed with, could be as high as 90!

Now before you put your spoon to rest on these delicious bowls forever, remember they are packed with antioxidants and are fine for the occasional treat. If you want to improve your bowls, try swapping out sugary toppings like bananas and granola for walnuts and pepita seeds!

Opting for home-made bowls instead of the deliciously crafted cafe masterpieces may also be the way to go. I found that in making my own bowl from home using blueberries, my protein mix and 1/2 a frozen banana, I halved the amount of sugar in my bowl. So that is definitely a win for the frozen treat!

Ally Leneham

Founder of Fitseeker